Earth League scientists back global climate protests

18/09/2019 - Humanity is tipping the scales of the world, eminent Earth League scientists say in a joint statement. They throw their weight into the balance to support global climate action culminating in this Friday's demonstrations and the UN climate summit next week. The future of life-support systems on Earth is determined by a dual tipping - for better or worse. Either a social tipping towards sustainability happens quickly, or all too soon a tipping of critical parts in the Earth System may threaten the stability of life on our planet. The scientists call upon everyone to demand that political and economic decision makers ensure we do not leave our children to an insecure future.
Earth League scientists back global climate protests

On this issue, Johan Rockström, Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Chair of the Earth League, who will also be a speaker at the Berlin demonstration:

“We are approaching a dual tipping point. The climate protests happening this Friday around the world prove the rising momentum of concerted action on climate now. And indeed, policy makers are starting to act. We see that in the German Climate Cabinet session this same Friday, we will hopefully see it at the UN climate summit next week. But will they react fast enough, strong enough? Because there is another tipping point we are approaching. Critical elements of the Earth System are about to be irretrievably damaged. Corals are dying. The Greenland ice mass is melting. Dangerous weather extremes like droughts or floods are increasing. If policy-makers act too slow or too weak, they will fail to protect the safety and prosperity of their constituencies, of all of us. This is a fact. This is the science.”

The Earth League is an international alliance of prominent scientists from world‐class research institutions. Chaired by Johan Rockström, it fosters scientific cooperation on solving the most pressing consequences of climate change for humankind. E

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