Earth League meets up in New Delhi: Climate Jamboree and Science Circle

08.11.2018 - From weather extremes to sea-level rise and tipping elements - more than 10.000 youths came together with science experts and artists last week in New Delhi for the Climate Jamboree Conference. Johan Rockström, PIK Director Designate, and Stefan Rahmstorf, Chair of PIK research domain Earth System Analysis, were among the key speakers, with lectures on a safe future for humanity on earth and new insights and hot topics from climate science. Organized by Leena Srivastava of TERI School of Advanced Studies, the participative Climate Jamboree with scientific talks, workshops and concerts was the grand finale of a series of events with the aim to empower youth to engage for climate action and sustainable development.
Earth League meets up in New Delhi: Climate Jamboree and Science Circle

Rockström, who is Chair of the Earth League, also led their annual meeting of the panel in New Delhi. As voluntary international alliance of prominent scientists from world-class research institutions, the meeting brought together leading sustainability researchers from all over the world like Leena Srivastava from India, Peter Schlosser from the USA, Hironori Hamanaka from Japan and other eminent Earth League members and guests.

New insights from climate science were also in the center of the Science Circle Lecture Rockström und Rahmstorf held at the German Embassy in New Delhi. Discussing recent warming spikes like last summer and record-breaking temperature years like 2017, 2016 and 2015, the researchers explained how and to what extent recent extreme weather events like heat waves, flash floods and tropical cyclones are caused by human-caused climate change.

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