Geoscientific work of PIK in top-ranking position

According to the analysis of an important scientific index, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) has recently become one of the top 1% of institutions whose publications in the field of geosciences have been cited most frequently. The Essential Science Indicators (ESI) has counted so far about 2,450 citations of the 145 geoscientific articles that have been published by authors of PIK since 1997.

Geosciences, however, represents only part of PIK's research activities. It includes, for example, the analysis of the interactions between the atmosphere, biosphere, oceans, and industry in order to be able to predict the future global and regional patterns of climate change. In the non geoscientific research fields, focus is put on the development of sustainable solution strategies for climate protection and for the adaptation to the impacts of climate change. Natural as well as social scientists and economists are closely working together at PIK on this overall project.

PIK was founded in 1992 especially to close the existing knowledge gaps on the consequences of anthropogenic climate change. The institute is member of the Leibniz Society, whose institutes deal with questions that concern society as a whole.



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