Climate-KIC wins 60+ million grant

03/12/2014 - This year, a record sum of 63.5 million Euros is allocated to the Climate-Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) to foster entrepreneurship that leads to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. This is the essence of the grant agreement signed by the European Institute of Innovation Technology recently. The funding is provided by the European Union and aims at ramping up activities in helping Europe lead the world in commercialising climate change technologies.
Climate-KIC wins 60+ million grant
Power lines. Photo: thinkstock

"More than ever climate change is high on the agenda and by securing this funding, we will continue to work across Europe with climate experts and innovative entrepreneurs to address climate change mitigation and adaptation - and shape the world’s next economy,” says Mary Ritter of Imperial College in London, Climate-KIC Chief Executive Officer.

The Climate-KIC is complemented by two other KICs: InnoEnergy and the Information and Communication Technology Labs. "The fact that  Climate-KIC was granted the highest budget highlights how competitive our community is,” says John Schellnhuber, chair of the board of Climate-KIC and director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). “To mitigate dangerous climate change, technology is key - and we're confident that Climate-KIC is helping to bring about an industrial revolution towards sustainability." Further funding later this year might raise the sum which is given to Climate-KIC to over 70 million Euros.

“Swipo – Smart Wiring for Power Grid Stability” is one of the most recent projects that are part of Climate-KIC. It will assess possibilities for a power grid design tool that reduces blackouts and enables the integration of a larger share of renewable energy production. Using a novel measure of stability discovered by complex system scientists at PIK, it will try to raise grid resilience to production volatility and to increasing extreme weather events. Amongst the seven project partners there are Siemens AG, Vattenfall Europe, the National Physical Lab UK, and the French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique.


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