PIK wins Potsdam Congress Award

11/15/2013 - In two categories at once, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research has won the Potsdam Congress Award 2013. PIK´s international climate impacts conference “Impacts World 2013” as well as the „Global Sustainability Summer School“ that PIK has organized together with the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) twice already were honoured by Potsdam´s mayor Jann Jacobs at the Potsdam convention center.
PIK wins Potsdam Congress Award
The awardees at the event last night. (Photo: proWissen / Hagen Immel)

The Congress Award honors organizers of events and conferences in Potsdam from science, research, economy and culture. The award comes with a prize of 1,000 Euro. Evaluation criteria for the award are internationality of the event, scientific relevance, success of the press work, number of participants or image effect for Potsdam.

In the reasons given in the nomination of the Impacts World it said, with this international conference on climate impacts the organizers had tackled an immensely important topic for society and politics. Thereby they had managed to bring Potsdam into the center of attention of international climate impact research. More than 300 scientists and stakeholders, some of the most excellent brains of climate impacts research from all disciplines came together from 40 countries for the first time to combine their skills. One key outcome was the joining of forces between impacts researchers with economists to assess possible future loss and damage.

In the course of the „Global Sustainability Summer School 2012“, international climate scientists discussed the risks of global warming, uncertainties and extreme events. In the reasons given by the jury in the nomination it was stated that the summer school was much more than a conference, but “an investment into the future and in its concept and organization outstanding in the whole field of candidates.”

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