“Orchestra of Change”: Schellnhuber joins board of trustees of NaturTon Foundation

10/12/2012 - The director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, becomes a member of the board of trustees of NaturTon Foundation. The charitable foundation was founded in 2009 by musicians of the Staatskapelle Berlin. Their initiative „Orchestra of Change“ combines cultural and environmental commitments. „Science can reach the minds of men, but music reaches the heart,“ PIK-director Schellnhuber says. „The writing of thousands of scientific papers cannot stimulate enough momentum, therefore it is good for science and music to work together.“
“Orchestra of Change”: Schellnhuber joins board of trustees of NaturTon Foundation
Acting in concert for culture and climate: the Orchestra of Change. Photo: NaturTon Foundation

Staatskapelle Berlin is an orchestra of international standing and with a long tradition. With their privately funded NaturTon Foundation the musicians support global climate and forest projects. The revenue from self organized „climate concerts“ also inures completely to the benefit of such international projects. „Professor Schellnhuber's decision to join the board of trustees appreciates the initiative of the musicians of Staatskapelle Berlin,“ says orchestra chairman and co-founder of NaturTon, Markus Bruggaier. „The partnership with the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research brings the possibility of interesting joined projects which will strengthen our initiative's impact“.

„Our music tries to raise awareness for climate change by means of art,“ explains solo-trumpeter Christian Batzdorf. „It is because of science that we know of the problem, and science is needed to find the solutions. The Orchestra of Change wishes to contribute to the implementation of such solutions. Hence it is our great honour to act in concert with Professor Schellnhuber.“


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