“New hot paper”: International news agency

01/03/2012 - The leading international news agency Thomson Reuters ranked a study by scientists of the Potsdam Institue for Climate Impact Research as a top “New Hot Paper” this month. “The Economics of Low Stabilization: Model Comparison of Mitigation Strategies and Costs” by Ottmar Edenhofer, Brigitte Knopf and others has been identified as one of the most-cited papers published during the past two years in the field of economics and business.
“New hot paper”: International news agency

The paper shows different transformation pathways of the global energy system to achieve climate change mitigation. It provides a comprehensive synthesis of a model-based approach to assess the costs, and the technologies, for achieving the target of limiting global warming to two degrees above preindustrial level. One outcome is that bioenergy use in combination with carbon capture and storage is quite relevant for ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

This research was realized with funds from the EU within the European project ADAM (Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies); five European modeling teams participated. A main success was the production of a Special Issue in the Energy Journal, the paper is a synthesis paper of the model comparison. Results have been taken up in the IPCC Special Report on Renewables. The PIK team is continuing with the work on model comparisons within the EU projects as well as under the roof of the Stanford Energy Modeling Forum.


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