Climate Action Tracker Update: No major movement towards lowering emissions before the UN climate talks in Bonn

Reduction proposals by the big developed and developing countries have not changed since the last update of the 'Climate Action Tracker'. The calculations still point to a virtual certainty of exceeding 1.5°C, with global warming by 2100 very likely to rise above 2°C and even a 50 percent chance of exceeding 3°C.

However, analyses on several countries with significant reduction proposals, among them Bhutan and Papua New Guinea, where added to the Tracker. Bhutan pledged to stay carbon neutral. Papua New Guinea pledged to significantly reduce its emissions. New countries in the middle of the ambition range include Singapore and Israel.

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The Climate Action Tracker is a web-based assessment system that shows how the commitments of each country to reduce greenhouse gas emissions contribute to total reductions globally. It also provides climate model projections that estimate the effect of the resulting global emissions pathway on global warming.