A constructive approach to climate protection: Potsdam Climate Council with PIK participation

02 / 22 / 2021 - Sociologist Fritz Reusswig of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) has been appointed to the new Climate Council of the state capital Potsdam. Hosted by Bernd Rubelt, Councillor for Urban Development, Construction, Economy and Environment, the members introduced themselves to the public today . The Climate Council acts as a mediator, expert and facilitator for successful climate protection and aims to create a broad debate and visibility in the state capital Potsdam.
A constructive approach to climate protection: Potsdam Climate Council with PIK participation
Fritz Reußwig is one of eight members of the new Potsdam Climate Council. Photo: Karkow/PIK

"Corona will hopefully pass soon - unfortunately, climate change will stay with us for a while longer. The 'vaccine' we will need against it is thankfully also being produced in Potsdam. It is called climate protection, and we can all help to ensure that it is available quickly enough and in sufficient doses. The conditions to achieve this are excellent in Potsdam, and we as the Climate Council want to actively support the city in this endeavour", Fritz Reusswig explained.

Councillor Rubelt made it clear that the state capital would like to have a Climate Council that constructively and critically accompanies politics and administration on the path to climate neutrality, as outlined in the 'Master Plan 100% Climate Protection'.

"With its expertise, the advisory board is supposed to show where things are going well, where there are problems, and where Potsdam needs to improve. And as a forum for the public, it should also be a platform for solutions that include the city community," says the councillor.

Today, the Climate Council presented its next work priorities. The conditions for achieving the climate neutrality target of the master plan are good. Due to the increased public interest in climate topics and especially due to the SVV climate emergency resolution 2019, climate protection in Potsdam has gained momentum. "Now it is crucial," says Reusswig, "to develop viable paths in the various fields of action and to cushion possible social hardships and prevent conflicts as far as possible - for example, in the sensitive areas of energy-efficient building refurbishment or transport."

In addition to Fritz Reusswig from PIK, the Climate Council includes seven other honorary members from the Ministry of Rural Development, Environment and Climate Protection of the Land Brandenburg, the Energy Forum Potsdam, the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences, the Potsdam Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Brandenburg modum Agency for Communication, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Climate Protection. Two young people from Fridays for Future are also assisting in the Climate Council.


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