12 PIK Researchers Among Most-Cited Scientists Worldwide

11/16/2021 - For the fourth year in a row, researchers from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) are among the top 1 percent of the most scientifically influential authors worldwide. The influential "Highly Cited" ranking is published once a year by Clarivate Analytics' science platform Web of Science. The ranking is based on the frequency with which researchers are cited in other works - one of the most important indicators of scientific relevance. Twelve PIK researchers are listed, including the institute's directors, confirming the success of the previous year.
12 PIK Researchers Among Most-Cited Scientists Worldwide
Of the 6,600 researchers listed, 12 have their institutional home at PIK.

The ranking includes all disciplines. As a transdisciplinary institute, PIK is represented by researchers from both the natural and social sciences, most of whom are assigned to the category "cross-field". This is a remarkable confirmation of the high scientific recognition of the work across disciplines. The ranking also shows that the proportion of "most cited" researchers at the Potsdam Institute is comparable to that at other world-class institutions, such as Harvard University or the Chinese Academy of Sciences. These are home to the majority of highly cited scientists - and are significantly larger institutions than the Potsdam Institute.

The researchers who made it into the top 1 % of the ranking represent all of the institute's research areas (in alphabetical order):

  • Benjamin Bodirsky, member of the Land Use and Resilience Working Group in the research department “Climate Resilience”
  • Ottmar Edenhofer, Director and Chief Economist
  • Dieter Gerten, working group leader for Earth system models, research department "Earth System Analysis"
  • Elmar Kriegler, co-head of the research department "Transformation Pathways”
  • Jürgen Kurths, former co-head of the research department "Complexity Science”
  • Hermann Lotze-Campen, Co-Head of the Research Department "Climate Resilience”
  • Gunnar Luderer, head of the Energy Systems working group in the research department "Transformation Pathways"
  • Christoph Müller, head of the working group "Land Use and Resilience" in the research department "Climate Resilience
  • Alexander Popp, leader of the working group "Land Use Management" in the research department "Transformation Pathways”
  • Stefan Rahmstorf, co-head of the research department "Earth System Analysis"
  • Johan Rockström, director and sustainability researcher
  • Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Director Emeritus

 The Clarivate Analytics ranking reflects the influence of the scientific work and illustrates how much other research refers to PIK's publications. It is based on science performance metrics and trend data based on scholarly paper publication counts and citation data from the publisher-neutral citation index Web of Science. It analyses not only the influence within a subject area, but beyond that also cross-disciplinary, interdisciplinary influence. In total, about 6,600 researchers from more than 70 countries were selected based on the number of highly cited scientific papers from the last eleven years (January 2010 to December 2020). Most of them have their institutional home in the USA. In second place are researchers from China. German scientists are in fifth place behind the UK and Australia.

 More about the ranking and the method can be found here.


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