University Cooperations


Range of courses: summer semester 2022, winter semester 2022/2023, summer semester 2023, winter semester 2023/2024

PIK scientists have numerous joint appointments and lectureships at the following universities:

Universität Potsdam

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Technische Universität Berlin

Freie Universität Berlin

Charite Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Universität Kassel

PIK scientists also teach at other universities, for example:

Technische Universität München

Universität Leipzig

Technische Universität Dresden

Universität Heidelberg

Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Study programmes and departments

  • Physics:
    Meteorology, Climate Physics, Physics of the Oceans, Astronomy
  • Geography:
    Geoecology, Climatology, Hydrology, Environmental sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Economy:
    Agricultural economics, Climate economics
  • Biology
  • Social sciences:
    Industrial ecology, Climate policy, Environmental policy, Environmental sociology

Young Scientists – PhD students and Postdocs