Artist in Residence at PIK



Artist in Residence at PIK

Since summer 2011, PIK has been using the building of the former photographic refractor as a studio for visiting artists and a place where scientists and artists can come together.

The building known as Kleiner Fotorefraktor is situated opposite PIK's main building. It contains a bright working area beneath the dome which used to house a telescope especially made for the photography of stars and a small kitchen (formerly the photographic lab). From the late 19th century on, Potsdam astronomers contributed to a - never completed - international star map.

The resident artists are thus brought to the heart of the Albert Einstein science park and integrated into the PIK community. Grant-holders are selected by the Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), State capital Potsdam and PIK.

Visiting artists:

Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, USA (2021)

Sheila Hayman, Great Britain (2020)

Mariana S. V. da Silva & Pedro Neves Marques, Portugal (2019)

Chris Jordan, USA (2018)

Sjón, Iceland (2017)

Amy Howden-Chapman, New Zealand (2016)

Oleksandr Burlaka, Ukraine (2015)

Dan Peterman, USA (2015)

studioBASAR, Rumania (2015)

Jay Griffiths, Great Britain (2013)

Philipp Weiß, Austria (2013, non DAAD)

Lars Gustafsson, Sweden (2012)

Nick Laessing, Great Britain/Netherlands (2012)

Steven Pippin, Great Britain (2011)

Peter Weber Switzerland (2011)

Support for artists at PIK is provided in collaboration between the state capital Potsdam, the Berlin Artists Programme of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and PIK.

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Photo: L. Lindenhan