RECIPE Project - Synthesis Report and Background Papers


The RECIPE project ran from 2008-2010 to analyse prospects for energy transformation and internation climate policy. Its research results are reported in the following research articles and reports.

RECIPE Special Issue in Climatic Change

  • Luderer G, Bosetti V, Jakob M, Leimbach M, Steckel J, Waisman H, Edenhofer O (2012): On the Economics of Decarbonization - Results and Insights from the RECIPE project. Climatic Change, 114(1), pp 9-37. [link] [preprint]
  • Edenhofer O, Carraro C, Hourcade J-C (2012): On the economics of decarbonization in an imperfect world. Climatic Change, 114(1), pp 1-8 (Editorial).
  • Jakob M, Luderer G, Steckel J, Tavoni M, Monjon S (2012): Time to act now? Assessing the costs of delaying climate measures and benefits of early action. Climatic Change, 114(1), pp 79-99. [link]
  • Tavoni M, E De Cian, G Luderer, J Steckel, H Waisman (2012): The value of technology and of its evolution towards a low carbon economy. Climatic Change, 114(1), pp 39-57. [link]
  • Luderer G, De Cian E, Hourcade JC, Leimbach M, Waisman H, Edenhofer O (2011): On the regional distribution of mitigation costs in a global cap-and-trade regime. Climatic Change, 114(1), pp 59-78. [link]
  • Waisman H, Guivarch C, Grazi F, Hourcade J-C (2012): The Imaclim-R model: infrastructures, technical inertia and the costs of low carbon futures under imperfect foresight. Climatic Change, 114(1), pp 101-120.
  • De Cian E, Bosetti V, Tavoni M (2012): Technology innovation and diffusion in “less than ideal” climate policies: An assessment with the WITCH model. Climatic Change, 114(1), pp 121-143. [link]
  • Bauer, N, Baumstark L, Leimbach M (2012): The REMIND-R model: the role of renewables in the low-carbon transformation—first-best vs. second-best worlds. Climatic Change, 114(1), pp 145-168. [link]

RECIPE Synthesis Report


  • Edenhofer, O., C. Carraro, J.-C. Hourcade, K. Neuhoff, G. Luderer, C. Flachsland, M. Jakob, A. Popp, J. Steckel, J. Strohschein, N. Bauer, S. Brunner, M. Leimbach, H. Lotze-Campen, V. Bosetti, E. de Cian, M. Tavoni, O. Sassi, H. Waisman, R. Crassous-Doerfler, S. Monjon, S. Dröge, H. van Essen, P. del Río, A. Türk (2009): RECIPE - The Economics of Decarbonization. Synthesis Report.

RECIPE Background Papers


  • Jakob, M., H. Waisman, V. Bosetti, E. De Cian, M. Leimbach, L. Baumstark, G. Luderer (2009): Description of the RECIPE models. RECIPE Background Paper.
  • Bodirsky, B., R. Crassous-Doerfler, H. van Essen, J.-C. Hourcade, B. Kampman, H. Lotze-Campen, A. Markowska, S. Monjon, K. Neuhoff, S. Noleppa, A. Popp, P. del Río González, S. Spielmans, J. Strohschein, H. Waisman (2009): How can each sector contribute to 2C? RECIPE Background Paper.
  • Neuhoff, K., S, Dröge, O. Edenhofer, C. Flachsland, H. Held, M. Ragwitz, J. Strohschein, A. Türk and A. Michaelowa (2009): Translating model results to economic policies. RECIPE Background Paper.