GIA training school 2023 in Gävle, Sweden

PIK scientists join training school on Glacial Isostatic Adjustment
GIA training school 2023 in Gävle, Sweden
Participants the GIA training school 2023 (Photo credit: Rebekka Steffen)

From July 3rd to 7th 2023, the Glacial Isostatic Adjustment Training School was held at Landmäteriet in Gävle, Sweden.

During this week, PhD student Helen Werner (with GFZ) was able to gain an in-depth understanding of GIA, sea level and ice sheet modeling with exercises and many occasions to discuss and meet people. Ice Dynamics senior scientist Torsten Albrecht held lectures and exercises on ice sheet modeling and coupled ice-ocean modeling. Up to 200 virtual participants joined in as well.

On an excursion day, the 40 training school participants and 19 lecturers went out to find signatures of Holocene land uplift: former beaches, eskers, giant stones and huge kettle holes.