Extreme Seminar

Venue: Cupola, A31 at 2 pm


UNDERSTANDING DRIVERS [Wednesday, 23rd July]

* Quasi-resonant circulation regimes and hemispheric synchronization of extreme weather in boreal summer - Dim C. et al.
* Detection of quasi-resonant amplification of planetary waves - Kai K. et al.
* Influence of future climate variability on vegetation and fire in Europe - Kirsten T. et al

TIMESERIES - quantifying changes in extreme events [Thursday, 28th August]

* Increased record-breaking precipitation events under global warming - Jascha L. et al.
* Extraordinary long-term trends in daily temperature extremes in station and reanalysis data - Reik D. et al

HISTORIC EXTREMES - event and impact attribution [Wednesday, 8th October]

* Impact attribution and extreme events - Gerrit H. et al.
* Acclimate - computing indirect costs of climate extremes - Anders L. et al

AGRICULTURAL IMPACTS [Tuesday, 18th November] - 4pm!

* Agricultural market modelling: crop failure - Herman L. et al
* Agricultural market modelling: price volatility - Christian O. and Jacob S.

NOVEL METHODS [Tuesday, 2nd December]

* Quantification of ecological extremes - Anja R. et al
* A data-adaptive way to define extremes in environmental time series with seasonality - Reik D. & Eva Hauber

HISTORIC IMPACTS [Thursday, 29th January 2015]

* GGMCI work on historic extremes - Christoph M. et al
* Extreme damages - from natural hazard to natural disaster - Diego R. et al

IMPACTS OF EXTREMES [Wednesday, 25th February 2015]

* How yield variability relates to weather extremes, and what this implies for LPJmL - Bernhard S. et al

MORE IMPACTS [Tuesday, 31st March 2015]

* Climate extremes and civil conflicts - a troubled relationship by Jonathan F. Donges et al.
* On robust projections of economic damages due to hurricanes by Tobias Geiger et al.