Greenland glacial system and future sea-level rise

Speaker: Andrey Ganopolski


The Greenland glacial system (GGS) consists of the ice sheet, the outlet glacier system, fjords into which most of the outlet glaciers terminate, the sub- and englacial hydrological system and the surface snow pack. Understanding the dynamics of the GGS, and being able to model these realistically, is an issue of great importance due to the potential of the Greenland Ice Sheet to contribute significantly to future sea level rise. This project involves coupling all relevant components of the GGS to develop a fully coupled model of intermediate complexity. Such an approach will allow us to design a computationally-efficient modelling tool suitable for performing a large ensemble of simulations of the GGS response to climate change and to improve the accuracy of the projections of the Greenland Ice Sheet’s contribution to global sea level rise for time scales from decades to millennia. For more details on the project please click here.

Project team