RD4 seminar series

Tuesday afternoon presentation series hosted by Research Department 4 – Complexity Science

If not otherwise specified, the seminar takes place:
On Tuesday afternoon at 1pm at PIK Hasselmann Hall building A56   

(contact: Till Hollmann / hollmann@pik-potsdam.de)

June 25, 1 pm

 A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Patrick Fotso (University of Dschang)

Some particular dynamics in complex systems

RD 4 Group Meeting

June 11, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall


Joaquin Ferrer (RD 4/Development of advanced time series analysis techniques)

Slow-moving landslide exposure increases with human settlement pressure

May 22, 1pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Shruti Chopra (Indian Institute of Technology Madras)

Cross-variable amplitude-frequency coupling during intermittency in
turbulent thermoacoustic systems

Gaurav Chopra (Indian Institute of Technology Madras)
Studying turbulent flows from the perspective of complex networks

RD 4 Group Meeting special guest


May 7, 3 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Prof. Jan Härter (University Potsdam)
Tipping to self-aggregation via mesoscale convective systems 

RD 4 Group Meeting

April 9, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall


Dr. Frank Hellmann (PIK)
Enabling the renewable energy transition. The complex systems perspective on power grids

RD 4 Group Meeting

March 12, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall


Dr. Jobst Heitzig (PIK)

Why optimization is neither optimal nor safe, and what an intelligent agent can do instead


30.01.2024, 1pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Giulia  Gadani (Université CÔTE D’AZUR/ PIK)

Breaking news: media exposure and climate change denial in the United States

23.01.2024, 1 pm

A 31, Great Cupola


Prof. Tiago Pereira (University of Sao Paulo)

Emergent hypernetworks in weakly coupled oscillators


9.01.2024, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Saal

RD 4 New-Years-Kick-Off

 12.12.2023, 1 pm


A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Prof. Istvan Kiss (Department of Chemistry, Saint Louis University)

Leveraging Diversity for Synchrony: Emergent Collective Behavior of  Coupled Nonlinear Oscillators

20.11.2023, 1 pm



Anne Gossing (ZUSE Institute Berlin(ZIB) / PIK)

The impact of El Niño/Southern Oscillation on the Boreal Summer Intra-Seasonal Oscillation - A Complex Network Approach

17.11.2023, 1 pm

A 56 Hasselmann Hall




Prof. Deniz Eroglu (Kadir Has University, Turkey)

Anticipating Critical Transitions in Complex Systems from Data: Insights from Network Dynamics Reconstruction

7.11.2023, 1 pm

A 56 Hasselmann Hall

Dr. Andreas Amann (University College Cork / School of Mathematical Sciences)

Multifunctionality in Reservoir Computing

24.10.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall


Dr. Nicola Botta (PIK)

Trustable, operationally safe Pareto
optimal controls for multi-objective decision making

12.10.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall


Dr. Murielle Vanessa Tchakui (National Higher Polytechnic Institute)

Nonlinear dynamics, signal transmission and amplification in chains of unidirectionally coupled EMS (Electromechanical systems)

10.10.2023, 1 pm




Dr. Yongge Li (Northwestern Polytechnical University)

Early warning and suppression of noise-induced critical transitions

26.09.2023, 3 pm




Prof. Maria Rugenstein (Colorado State University Dep. of Atmospheric Science)

The pattern effect: Connecting surface warming and radiation to improve projections of climate change

26.09.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall


Prof. Asep Supriatna (Padjadjaran University, Indonesia)
The effect of human behavior caused by misinformation/disinformation in epidemic transmission models

13.07.2023, 1 pm

A 31, Grosse Kuppel

Damian Hödtke (PIK)

Individuality vs. group pressure - A dynamical model for the emergence of opinion clusters (Master defense)

7.07.2023, 10 am

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Priscilla Wehi, Beatrice Desy, Emily Harvey and Dion O’Neale (Te Pūnaha Matatini)

Complex Systems research in New Zealand: contributions from Te Pūnaha Matatini (TPM) - National Centre of Research Excellence on Complex Systems

4.07.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Dr Andrea La Nauze (University of Queensland)

Do Consumers Acquire Information Optimally? Experimental Evidence from Energy Efficiency

29.06.2023, 2 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Adam Sobel (Columbia University)

Climate risk science: a field in need of theory and synthesis

27.06.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Katrin Quetting (PIK, library)

Open Access & publishing at PIK

20.06.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Jakob Lochner (PIK)

Impact of weather extremes and sociopolitical events on climate change media coverage in Germany

13.06.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Anna Büttner (PIK)

Complex Couplings - A universal adaptive network formulation of power grid dynamics

30.05.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Kelsey Barton-Henry (PIK)

Global economic impacts of wildfires

03.05.2023, 2pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Prof. Dr. Moritz Drupp (University of Hamburg)

Structural Change in the Social Cost of Carbon

02.05.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Jamir Priesner (PIK)

Biophysical Coupling of Climate and Vegetation in the Amazon Region studied with Complex Network Analysis (Master defense)

18.04.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Jin Zhao (TU Dortmund)

Extreme events in power grids

21.03.2023, 1 pm

A 31, Grand Cupola

Timothé Beaufils (PIK)

Exploring the construction of a climate club through policy spill-overs

14.02.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Alexander Schmaus (PIK)

A Markov Chain Monte Carlo Approach for Stop Pooling in On-Demand Ride-Pooling Services

7.02.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Matheus Rolim Sales (State University of Ponta Grossa, Brazil)

Stickiness and recurrence plots: an entropy-based approach

31.01.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

 Dr. Szabolcs Horvát (Center for Systems Biology, Dresden)


17.01.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Dr. Jobst Heitzig (PIK)

Towards modeling sustainable management of humanity's long-term welfare

10.01.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

RD4 Meeting - 2023 kick off

RD-Head Prof. Anders Levermann