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Mon, 27.10.2014                                                                                            


   1:00pm -   1:45pm Prof. Dr. Alexander M. Feigin Global reconstruction of dynamical systems: General approach and
application to climate modeling
   1:45pm -   2:30pm Dr. Dmitry Mukhin              Construction of optimal empirical models from climate data
   2:30pm -   3:00pm Coffee Break
   3:00pm -   3.45pm Dr. Norbert Marwan Recurrence plots for the analysis of complex systems
   3:45pm -   4:30pm Deniz Eroglu From Time Series to Complex Networks
from   7:00pm  Conference Dinner

Tue, 28.10.2014

  9:00am -   9:45am Dr. Evgeny Loskutov         Dynamical variables for empirical modeling: spatio-temporal
decomposition of multivariate time series
  9:45am - 10:30am Andrey Gavrilov Nonlinear modes decomposition of observed multivariate data
10:30am - 11:30am Coffee Break
11:00am - 11:45am Dr. Peter Carl En route to planetary-scale turbulence? The synchronized climate
system as seen through MP-FM glasses
11:45am - 12:30pm Dr. Jakob Runge Quantifying causal information spread in networks of complex
dynamical systems
12:30pm -   1:30pm Lunch
  1:30pm -   2:30pm Seminar Talk:
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Parlitz
Data driven state and parameter estimation for chaotic systems
  2:30pm -   3:00pm Discussion
  3:00pm -   3:30pm Coffee Break
  3:30pm -   4:15pm Dr. Niels Wessel Synchronization and Coupling Analyses in Cardiovascular Physics
  4:15pm -   5:00pm Nora Molkenthin Advection-diffusion-networks: on the relationship of flow dynamics
and climate network topology
  5:00pm open end open discussion

Wed, 29.10.2014

   9:00am -   9:45am   Bedartha Goswami         Different regimes of the East Asian Monsoon in the Holocene
   9:45am -  10:30am Dr. Dimitry Smirnov      Estimating Granger causality among large-scale climate processes
from palaeoclimate time series including recent stalagmite-based
data from Yok Balum Cave
 10:30am -  11:00am Coffee Break
 11:00am -  11:45am Veronika Stolbova The Indian Summer Monsoon: spatial structures and seasonal evolution
of the extreme rainfall synchronization
 11:45am -  12:30pm Aljoscha Rheinwalt Storm Networks: Opportunities and Challenges in Lightning Analysis