AfriValue - Recommendations to avoid climate change-related effects in East African coffee value chains


The AfriValue project is implemented on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development to analyse climate risks for agricultural value chains and identify and evaluate effective adaptation strategies in Eastern Africa, with a specific focus on coffee value chains in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. The findings will provide actors along the agricultural value chain as well as decision-makers from politics and development cooperation with scientifically sound knowledge for adaptation planning and investments.

Data will be collected in different Robusta and Arabica growing regions in Uganda to identify and evaluate climate change adaptation strategies for coffee value chains. More specifically, the project aims to (1) identify ideal climatic conditions for coffee production, processing and storage to calibrate suitability models that will help to project impacts of a changing climate on coffee value chains, and (2) collect high-quality survey data to quantify losses and damages on coffee value chains and identify and assesses potential adaptation strategies.

The project results will be prepared in a manner transferable to other contexts and agricultural value chains. Based on the method of design thinking, barriers to selected adaptation options will be identified and concrete, both context-specific and transferable recommendations for action will be developed, together with an expert consortium consisting of different actors in the field of agricultural value chains, including the private sector, academia and politics.

Project duration: 12/2022-12/2026