Climate Security Workshop

Climate Security Workshop

Date: November 16, 2021, 9 am -12 pm German time

Format: Virtual workshop via Zoom

Language: English

On the 16th of November 2021, the team gave an interactive workshop on climate security and peacebuilding in the Central Asian region and Afghanistan. Participants included graduate students and professionals from each country in Central Asia and Afghanistan, as well as from Germany (16 in total). The workshop consisted of inputs on climate security and adaption pathways as well as an interactive simulation and a discussion on policy development.

After a brief input on the current state of research on the role of climate change as a threat multiplier in regions prone to instability, participants were divided into two groups representing upstream and downstream countries. In separate groups, grievances related to water scarcity, access to water, and vulnerabilities in their respective region were discussed. After a second input on adaption pathways, the results from the group work were shared among the whole group, and potential policy solutions were discussed.

The aim of the workshop was to shed light on challenges for climate security and opportunities for peacebuilding across various countries in Central Asia and Afghanistan. The workshop also served as a platform for participants to connect and to identify opportunities for collaboration with PIK as well as amongst themselves.

The lectures and practical exercises during this training were provided by Janna Rheinbay and Stefanie Wesch.