Dynamic Forest Modeling research visit in Grenoble

19/10/2022 - Doctoral researcher Mats Mahnken, from the research group "Forest and Ecosystem Resilience" spent four weeks at the French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment (INRAe) with a Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) Grant from the Cost Action Project 'PROCLIAS'.
Dynamic Forest Modeling research visit in Grenoble
Source: M. Mahnken

Mats spent his time in Grenoble with Laboratoire EcoSystèmes et Sociétés En Montagne (LESSEM) working on dynamic forest modeling at the country scale. During his stay, Mats worked with forest modeling experts of the group on establishing a harmonized modeling framework for projecting dynamics and ecosystem service provisioning in forest stands of the French national forest inventory (NFI). His visit contributed to setting up a harmonized simulation protocol for simulating ecosystem service provisioning with multiple existing dynamic forest models.

Besides the setup of the simulation protocol, input data for the models were prepared and first simulations for model evaluation were implemented to assess the agreement of the model and observed ecosystem dynamics in the French NFI. Next steps include the simulation of future forest dynamics in the French NFI stands under different climate, disturbance and management scenarios as well as implementing similar multi-model simulations for the German NFI forests.

Ultimately, the simulations at the country scale will improve knowledge about impacts on ecosystem service provisioning of European forests under climate change and disturbances and what can be done in terms of forest management. The modeling built on prior work from an ongoing collaboration between PIK and LESSEM on country scale modeling efforts.

PROCLIAS stands for "Process-based models for climate impact attribution across sectors" and is funded by the COST Association as CA19139. Please also find information on the official action homepage of COST.