ECCA21 Session on climate impact and adaptation co-organised by Christopher Reyer

31/05/2021 - Christopher Reyer (RD2), together with colleagues from ECDPM, IIASA and CRS organised a Webinar on '360° view of climate impacts: experiencing the future to plan adaptation', within the framework of the European Climate Change Adaptation (ECCA) Conference 2021. ECCA is co-organised by the three H2020 projects CASCADES, RECEIPT and SINCERE as well as JPI Climate and the EU Commission. The session presented an integrated view of climate impacts which allowed participants to experience the complexity of cross-border and cross-sectoral climate impacts in an innovative 'policy simulation exercise'.
ECCA21 Session on climate impact and adaptation co-organised by Christopher Reyer
Source: Centre for Systems Solutions

In this session the latest climate impact science that considers climate impacts as interconnected, co-occurring, cross-border changes were presented in an innovative policy simulation format, which allowed all participants to experience decision-making through an online web-interface.

Participants were confronted with a scenario of dramatic events caused by the climate crisis in regions surrounding Europe. These events can lead to severe consequences for the EU and the rest of the world. They then had to work on the propositions of actions to counteract the crises that can emerge from transboundary climate impacts.

This exercise, in combination with topical input form speakers before and an analysis of the policy simulation afterwards, gave participants a deeper understanding of what is needed to implement such adaptation options.

The 5th edition of ECCA is ongoing the rest of June until the high-level event on 22 June. That one-day event is hosted by the European Commission, back to back with the annual European Research & Innovation Days (23-24 June).

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