Economic Growth Impacts of Climate Change (ENGAGE)

The IPCC 5th Assessment Report shows large knowledge gaps about socio-economic impacts of climate change, especially changes in economic growth. This prevents the integrated assessment of impacts, mitigation and adaptation. ENGAGE aims to move towards closing these gaps by (a) developing a sound conceptual and empirical understanding of channels through which climate impacts affect growth, (b) estimating economic damages from selected impacts in a changing climate and socio-economic environment, in particular with regard to long-term growth effects, (c) exploring how the inclusion of growth effects changes the integrated assessment of selected impacts and mitigation strategies. This comprehensive approach will contribute to the next generation of integrated assessments for climate policy advice.

To kick off the project we held an expert workshop on "Understanding the impacts of climate change on growth and development" at PIK June 20-21 2016. More information including some of the presentations can be found here.

A second expert workshop was held October 7-8 2019 at PIK entitled: "Integrating impacts, mitigation and inequality - state of the art and road ahead". Presentations and information is available here.