copan reader published: curated papers 2013-2021

copan reader published: curated papers 2013-2021
copan reader in print.

PIK’s 2013–2018 flagship project copan — coevolutionary pathways, since 2019 continued as the copan collaboration between PIK’s FutureLabs on “Earth resilience in the Anthropocene” and “Game theory and networks of interacting agents”, focusses on understanding
and modelling the Anthropocene, the tightly intertwined social-environmental planetary system that humanity now inhabits. To this end, copan follows a social-ecological complex systems approach that allows to address the effects and limitations of human agency and system-level effects of networks and complex coevolutionary dynamics in the World-Earth system.

Highlighting the overarching themes of this research, this copan reader presents a curated selection of peer-reviewed and discussion papers put forward by the copan collaboration starting from the founding year in 2013 up to mid-2021. The papers are logically ordered and sorted into topical chapters on Conceptual foundations and making the case (Sect. 1), Towards a unified analytical framework (Sect. 2), Theoretical
and methodological work (Sect. 3), and Analyses and studies of concrete cases and contexts (Sect. 4). The reader also provides information on copan researchers and models/software developed in the scope of the collaboration.

Reference (incl. PDF download):

World-Earth Dynamics in the Anthropocene: A Copan Reader 2013 - 2021, Donges, J. F., Heitzig, J. (Eds.) (2021), 1st edition, 10.48485/pik.2