Client computer OS portfolio

Options for users of PIK standard computers
Users at PIK can choose among a set of options which operating system matches their requirements and tasks. PIK IT Services supports the following software configurations:
  • Windows 10 / Enterprise with standard applications (MS Office, Acrobat, Firefox, Thunderbird, Putty, WinSCP, Xming, XnView)
  • Ubuntu Linux (self managed). As an alternative to Windows, we can pre-install a Linux system with typical Linux desktop applications
  • neither of these - which means that your are going to install and manage a system of your personal choice

Good to know

We (PIK IT Services) will only support one operating system per user - not a set of systems (like dual boot, virtual machines and such). In contrast to standard installations of Windows 10 - which are protected by Bitlocker encryption - the pre-installed Linux systems are unencrypted. This has implications on data protection and privacy - if in doubt, talk to your research department coordinator and/or the data protection officer (DSB). For Linux systems, we can only provide "best effort" support - we are happy to try and help, but please keep in mind that in general the hardware manufacturer does not support Linux systems.
If your computer has been installed with an Ubuntu Linux system that is not LTS* , you will have to upgrade to the next LTS release when this has been released. If you skip upgrading for a longer period of time, your system may become entirely unsupported.
The set of pre-installed applications differs significantly between Linux- and Windows-Systems. That is: you won't have MS Office or Acrobat on Linux. You are free to run self-managed virtual machines. By default, we will ship Windows operating systems.

*) LTS = Long Term Support, see