Dr. rer. nat. Christoph Menz

Senior Scientist

I am a researcher working in the Hydroclimatic Risks group of Research Department II: Climate Resilience. I am studying the various regional impacts of climate change including water availability, hydroclimatic extremes, agriculture, animal husbandry, plant pests and diseases, and phenology of vine.

In my research, I am analyzing ensembles of regional and global climate simulations and develop machine learning-based impact models. Additionally, I operate the models CCLM and ICON at PIK. I developed the empirical statistical downscaling model STARS3.0 used in the CORDEX-Reklies ensemble for Germany. My past research focuses on climate change impacts in Europe, Central, South, and East Asia.

I am currently leading the Clim4Vitis and ProgRAMM projects @ PIK.


Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
P.O. Box 60 12 03
14412 Potsdam


  • Statistical analysis of regional and global climate model ensembles
  • Analysis of climatic and hydrological extremes
  • Regional climate model simulations with CCLM
  • Climate model simulations with ICON
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Empirical-statistical downscaling
  • Bias adjustment methods

Ongoing projects

  • Climate change impacts for European viticulture: towards an integrated approach (Clim4Vitis)
  • Optimierung von Anbaustrategien und -verfahren zur Klimaanpassung/Analyse und Bewertung auf Landschaftsebene unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Interaktionen mit dem Pflanzenschutz, der Produktivität, der Fruchtartenverteilungen und den THG-Emissionen (OptAKlim)
  • Proaktive Pflanzengesundheitliche Risikoanalyse durch Modellierung und Monitoring: Anpassung an langfristige Risiken durch klimasensitive Schadorganismen (ProgRAMM)

Completed projects

  • Climate projections and climate risk assessment, funded by CAREG/Worldbank (CAREC 2)
  • Sustainable water and agricultural land use in the Guanting watershed under limited water resources (GUANTING)
  • Oasis Platform for Climate and Catastrophe Risk Assessment - Asia (IKI OASIS)
  • Optimized animal-specific barn climatization facing temperature rise and increased climate variability (OptiBarn)
  • Regionale Klimaprojektionen Ensemble für Deutschland (ReKliEs-De)
  • Sustainable Management of River Oases along the Tarim River / China (SuMaRiO)