Safeguarding African Foodsheds and Ecosystems for all Actors across Local, regional and international Levels to manage migration

Agriculture is the foundation of the livelihoods of billions of people worldwide, including African rural and urban households, farming communities, and cities. However, weather and climate risks have increased, creating a need for better access to climate and weather information, soil water management, insurance, and other climate-agricultural services. Although some services exist, they are often separated and follow a top-down information provision that operates on a national scale. SAFE4ALL aims to address the interconnected issues of climate change, food security, ecosystem and disaster management, and migration in Africa by providing user-centred climate services. It will innovate and bundle affordable, and scalable services that include location-specific information to meet the needs of end-users in Kenya, Ghana and Zimbabwe. Three co-creation case studies will be organized in these vulnerable African countries, engaging with small-scale farming communities, municipalities, and cities. SAFE4ALL will coordinate efforts from governments, civil society, academia, and international organizations to mobilize the capacity of end-users, build food security and resilience, promote sustainable agriculture, and provide social safety nets to affected localities. Specific objectives include establishing a collaborative, co-creation, and engagement platform for the prioritization and co-development of needs-based climate services, identifying adaptation challenges, requirements, and enabling factors and complementing policies in adapting to the wider socio-economic environment, and exploring and harnessing existing services to improve the uptake and effectiveness of climate services and develop sustainable business and implementation models for services. The outcomes aim to manage migration to cities by ensuring that communities are better equipped to adapt and cope with the impacts of climate change while enhancing food security in a rapidly changing world.

SAFE4ALL aims at addressing food security, disaster management and migration issues with the prime objective to better support local and regional actors in decision-making to safeguard African foodsheds and to build resilience in communities across scales. The project aims to harness the EU climate services landscape and leverage it with local knowledge from African case studies to co-create information and facilitate its uptake at the local to district and regional levels.

PIK is leading the work package "Improved climate services for SSA: innovating existing tools and services" together with TAHMO. The work package provides the knowledge base of climate information for the other work packages and contributes to improving the understanding of current and future climate related threats by making use of existing data and infrastructures. Within the work package, PIK contributes by harmonizing climate input data for project partners and providing long-term climate projections and impact projections to assess intersectoral climate impacts.


Jan 01, 2024 until Dec 31, 2027

Funding Agency

EU, Horizon Europe

Funding Call

HORIZON-CL5-2023-D1-01-11: Needs-based adaptation to climate change in Africa?


Rahel Laudien