Working Group Ice Dynamics

Related Projects & Funding

  • Tipping Points in Antarctic Climate Components (EU H2020: TiPACCs)
  • PROjecTing sEa-level rise: from iCe sheets to local implicaTions (EU H2020: PROTECT)
  • Ocean Cryosphere Exchanges in ANtarctica: Impacts on Climate and the Earth system (EU Horizon Europe: OCEAN:ICE)
  • Vulnerability of the Antarctic Ice Sheet to a changing thermocline (DFG-SPP 1158: VAST)
  • Glacial and erosional contributions to Late Quaternary uplift of the European Alps (DFG SPP 4D-MB: GEOLQUEA)
  • PalMod II WG1: Key Processes: TP2 Ice sheets/shelves interacting with the solid earth and ocean in the Antarctic (BMBF-FONA: PalMod II WP 1.4)
  • PalMod II CC: Model Coupling and Runtime Optimisation: TP4 Development of the PICO ice shelf cavity model into a “pop-up” model for use in transient glacial simulations (BMBF-FONA: PalMod II CC.1)

Completed Projects

  • Impact of extreme melt events on the future mass balance of the Greenland Ice Sheet (DFG: XMELT)
  • On the importance of rapid dynamics for the stability of the Greenland Ice Sheet (DFG: GIS-TIP)
  • Hysteresis of the Antarctic Ice Sheet (DFG-SPP 1158: HASH)
  • Constraining future Antarctic ice loss with the coupled ice-ocean model PISM-FESOM (DFG-SPP 1158: PISM-FESOM)
  • Systematic investigation of the role of bed topography in the marine ice-sheet instability (DFG-SPP 1158: ANTBASE)
  • Domino effects in the Earth system: can Antarctica tip climate policy? (Leibniz Association: DominoES)