Aeolus 1.0 - Statistical-Dynamical Atmosphere Model

Contact: Dim Coumou, Vladimir Petoukhov, Stefan Petri

Aeolus is a novel Statistical-Dynamical Atmosphere Model (SDAM) developed and maintained within RD1. It is part of the Earth System Model of Intermediate Complexity (EMIC) POEM, which also contains dynamical ocean-, vegetation-, and ice-models as well as other types of atmosphere models.


Aeolus 1.0 Scheme FMS SimENV

Aeolus is written in c++ with a clear object-oriented and modular code-design. The rationale behind its design has been to strictly separate the implementation of data storage, gridding (i.e. discretization) and computations. This way, future additions to any of these can be easily harbored, without limiting the maintainability of the code. Further, throughout the code several safety mechanisms have been build-in to avoid bugs and/or to detect them at an early stage. These include explicit read-write functionality, design-by-contract and variable range-checking.


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Presentation: Aeolus Overview.pdf