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Medical Emergency

First Aid Measures


The emergency-call telephone number of the gate is no. 2222.
If you call this number in case of an emergency the security personnel will ask you the following:

What happened,

Where did it happen,

How many persons are involved and

Which type of injury did occur.

They will then call the emergency medical service. At the gate is also the heart defibrillator located. In case of need they will bring it to the accident location.


List of PIK-Employees who completed a First Aid Seminar 6.-7. Mai 2013

Julia Höfner


A26 / 1.09

David Hauke

Phone: 2547

A26 / 1.09

Hardy Seemann

Phone: 2638

A26 / 1.08

Heike Prietzel

Phone: 2035

Pappelallee / 116

Brigitta Krukenberg

Phone: 2624

A62 / 0.06

Andrea Lüttger

Phone: 2609

A62 / 2.09

Christine Kühnel Phone 2618 A26 / 1.09
Klaus Bittermann Phone 2660 A62/0.14
Mareike Schodder Phone 2544 A31/1.08
Jürg Meyerholz Phone 20737 A31/00.07
Lena Österle Phone 2484 A62 / 1.17
Falko Ueckerdt Phone 2067 A51/25
Sabine Mathesius
Gabriele Pilz Phone 20769 A51/16
Iris Staub-Kaminski Phone 2410
Julia Reinhardt Phone 20719 A62 / 1.09


Theoretical information on First Aid measures:

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