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Stefanie Wesch M.Sc.

Ms. Wesch completed her undergraduate degree in the field of International Relations at Hawai´i Pacific University. Ms. Wesch was able to gain initial work experience at the Mission of Afghanistan to the United Nations in New York, where she was active in the First and Third Committee of the General Assembly, as well as writing occasional speeches for Ambassador Tanin. Ms. Wesch managed to further develop her authoring skills between 2012 and 2013 while working at the Bolivian think tank Institute of International Studies (IDEI). Here she wrote about a diverse set of topics, ranging from the Syrian conflict to the Bolivian-Chilean border dispute, from an International Law and Human Rights perspective. Realizing her strong interest in conflict studies, Ms. Wesch obtained her Master´s Degree in Conflict Resolution and Governance at the University of Amsterdam, where she focused on social movements for the purpose of her Master´s thesis. Putting to use her regional focus on the MENA region, during both her graduate and undergraduate studies, Ms. Wesch is now working on the Climate-Conflict-Migration-Nexus in the MENA region and the Sahel, where she is undertaking a case study and qualitative field work in the region.

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