Dr. Jillian Waid

Postdoctoral Researcher

Jillian joined PIK in 2019 as a member of the Climate Change and Health Working Group. Prior to joining PIK, Jillian worked with Helen Keller International in Bangladesh as the Director of the Research, Learning, and Evaluation Unit and the National Team Lead for the European Union funded National Information Platform for Nutrition. Her doctoral degree research focused on using household consumption and expenditure survey data to develop a better understanding of dietary change in Bangladesh. Her research focuses on quantitative methods, measurement of food and nutrition security, surveillance and dietary assessment, implementation science, climate change and health, and maternal and child nutrition. She has worked on the Food and Agriculture Approaches to Reducing Malnutrition (FAARM) trial in Sylhet, Bangladesh since 2013. 


Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
P.O. Box 60 12 03
14412 Potsdam


Heidelberg Institute of Global Health – Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany

  • Dr. Sc. Hum in Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  • Dissertation: Causes and consequences of dietary change in Bangladesh from 1985 to 2010

George Warren Brown School of Social Work – Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri

  • Master of Social Work Degree in Social and Economic Development, August 2010
  • Thesis: Son Preference in South Asia: The impact of Men’s vs Women’s views

Brown University – Providence, Rhode Island

  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Bachelor of Arts in South Asian Studies, June 2004
  • Study abroad at St. Stephen’s University (Delhi) India, June 2003 – December 2003


2019 - present     Research Department 2, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Potsdam, Germany

Post-doctoral researcher in the Climate Change and Health working group

2009 – 2019        Helen Keller International, Gulshan 2, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Technical Director / Team Lead – National Information Platform for Nutrition: 2018 – 2019

Director – Research, Learning, and Evaluation: 2015 – 2017

Manager – Research, Learning, and Evaluation: 2013 – 2015

Senior Analysis Officer – Food Security and Nutrition Surveillance Project: 2011 – 2013

Congressional Hunger Center, Research fellow: 2009 – 2011

2006 – 2007      Center for Microfinance, Institute for Financial Management, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Research associate (Seva Mandir)

2005 – 2006      American India Foundation Service Corps Fellowship, Bhuj-Kachchh, Gujarat, India

Research Fellow placed with the non-governmental organizations Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan & Kala Raksha

2004 – 2005      The World Bank, Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America

Research assistant, DECRG (Poverty Unit)

Waid, J.L., Sinharoy, S.S., Ali, M., Wendt, A.S., Gabrysch, S. (2021). What were the drivers of improving child nutritional status in Bangladesh? An analysis of national household data from 1992 to 2005 guided by the UNICEF framework. Journal of Nutrition.

Hillenbrand, E. & Waid, J. (2013). “Adapting food-based strategies to improve the nutrition of the landless: A review of programmatic challenges in HKI’s Homestead Food Production program in Bangladesh.” Proceedings of the International Symposium on Food and Nutrition Security: Food-based Approaches for Improving Diets and Raising Levels of Nutrition. FAO: Rome, IT. Following the presentation on December 9, 2010.

Waid, J. L., & Burgess, A. (2015). Malnutrition in adolescent girls and women. In F. Savage-King, A. Burgess, V. J. Quinn, & A. K. Osei (Eds.), Nutrition for Developing Countries. Oxford University Press.

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Sinharoy, S. S., Waid, J. L., Haardörfer, R., Wendt, A., Gabrysch, S., Yount, K. M. (2018) Women's dietary diversity in rural Bangladesh: Pathways through women's empowerment. Maternal and Child Nutrition. 2017;e12489. https://doi.org/10.1111/mcn.12489

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Waid, J.L., Ali, M., Thilsted, S. H., Gabrysch, S. (2018). Dietary change in Bangladesh from 1985 to 2010 Global Food Security. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.gfs.2017.09.003

Campbell, R. K., Aguayo, V., Kang, Y., Dzed, M. L., Joshi, V., Waid, J.L., Gupta, S., Haselow, N.  West, K. P. (2018) Infant and young child feeding practices and nutritional status in Bhutan. Maternal and Child Nutrition. 2017;e12580 chttps://doi.org/10.1111/mcn.12580

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Waid, J. L., Sinharoy, S. S., Ali, M., Thilsted, S. H., Gabrysch, S. (2018). Tracing dietary patterns and identifying determinates of changing diets in Bangladesh from 1985 to 2010. Current Developments in Nutrition. https://doi.org/10.1093/cdn/nzy091

Sinharoy, S. S., Waid, J. L., Thilsted, S. H., Ali, M., Webb Girard, A., S., Yount, K. M. (2019) Resources for women’s agency, household food security, and women’s dietary diversity in urban Bangladesh. Global Food Security.

June 2019: American Society of Nutrition Emerging Leader in Nutrition Science – Global Health – Grand Finalist
June 2018: American Society of Nutrition Emerging Leader in Nutrition Science – Global Health – Grand Finalist
April 2016: American Society of Nutrition Emerging Leader in Nutrition Science – Epidemiology – Finalist
April 2009: Mickey Leland International Hunger Fellowship
December 2007: Danforth Scholar, Washington University
April 2005: William Jefferson Clinton Service Corps Fellowship, American India Foundation
April 2004: Weston Fine Arts Award, Brown University
May 2003:The Robinson Potter Dunn Premium, Brown University