Dr Thomas Vogt

Postdoctoral Researcher


Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
T +49 (0)331 288 20839
P.O. Box 60 12 03
14412 Potsdam


I received a Master's degree (2015) in Mathematics from the University of Bonn. My PhD studies (2020) at the Institute of Mathematics and Image Computing (MIC) of the University of Lübeck were concerned with convex relaxation methods for variational image processing techniques with applications in medical imaging.

Since I joined PIK in November 2019, I do event-based modeling of global socio-economic impacts of climate change. My main focus is on the physics and socio-economics of tropical cyclone hazards, including wind, storm surge and extreme rainfall, and including all affected world regions.

  • Economics of climate change: event-based modeling of global socio-economic (and long-term) impacts of natural disasters under climate change.
  • Focus on tropical cyclone sub-hazards: wind, surge, rain, with a focus on models that run on a global and long-term scale.
  • Impacts of tropical cyclones on macroeconomics (e.g. GDP growth), infrastructure (e.g. power grid), economic assets, households, and income distribution.

  • Vogt et al.: Global event-based dynamic flood modeling for tropical cyclone surges. In preparation (2024)
  • Stalhandske, Steinmann, ..., Vogt, ..., Kropf: Global multi-hazard risk assessment in a changing
    In preparation (2024) Preprint
  • Frieler, Volkholz, ..., Vogt, ..., Bechtold: Scenario set-up and forcing data for impact model evaluation and impact attribution within the third round of the Inter-Sectoral Model Intercomparison Project (ISIMIP3a). Accepted (2023) Preprint
  • Stürmer, Plietzsch, Vogt, Hellmann, Kurths, Otto, Frieler, Anvari: Protecting the Texas power grid from tropical cyclones: Increasing resilience by protecting critical lines. Accepted (2023) Preprint
  • Krichene, Vogt, Piontek, Geiger, Schötz, Otto: The social cost of tropical cyclones. Nature Communications (2023). Preprint DOI
  • Mester, Vogt, Bryant, Otto, Frieler, Schewe: Human displacements from tropical cyclone Idai attributable to climate change. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (2023) Preprint DOI
  • Huang, Li, Vogt, Xu, Tong, Molina, Masselot, …, Guo: Global short-term mortality risk and burden associated with tropical cyclones from 1980 to 2019: a multi-country time-series study. The Lancet Planetary Health (2023). DOI
  • van den Hurk, Baldissera, Ciullo, Coulter, Dessai, Ercin, ..., Vogt, Witpas: Climate impact storylines for assessing socio-economic responses to remote event. Climate Risk Management (2023). Preprint DOI
  • Meiler, Vogt, Bloemendaal, Cullio, Lee, Camargo, Emanuel, Bresch: Intercomparison of regional loss estimates from global synthetic tropical cyclone models. Nature Communications (2022). Preprint DOI
  • Vogt, Haase, Bednarski, Lellmann: On the Connection between Dynamical Optimal Transport and Functional Lifting. Submitted (2020). Preprint
  • Vogt: Measure-Valued Variational Models with Applications in Image Processing. PhD thesis (2020). Download
  • Vogt, Strekalovskiy, Cremers, Lellmann: Lifting methods for manifold-valued variational problems. In: Grohs, Holler, Weinmann (eds.): Handbook of Variational Methods for Nonlinear Geometric Data. pp. 95-119 (2020). Preprint DOI
  • Vogt, Lellmann: Functional Liftings of Vectorial Variational Problems with Laplacian Regularization. In: Proc SSVM 2019, 559-571 (2019). Preprint DOI
  • Vogt, Lellmann: Measure-Valued Variational Models with Applications to Diffusion-Weighted Imaging. J Math Imaging Vis 60(9), 1482–1502 (2018). Preprint DOI
  • Vogt, Lellmann: An Optimal Transport-Based Restoration Method for Q-Ball Imaging. In: Proc SSVM 2017, 271-282 (2017). DOI

Whenever you would like to reach out to me (on short notice), the best times are Monday through Thursday between 10:00 and 17:00. Note that I'm usually not available on Fridays.