Dr Jakub Sawicki

Scientist, Postdoctoral Researcher, Project Manager

As project leader of the highly innovative and interdisciplinary project "Synchronization phenomena related to Brain and Music" (SynProMusic) I organize the interplay of experimental and theoretical research activities. Due to my two-fold education, I can rely on well-founded expertise in music psychology on the one hand, and on extensive experience in the fields of nonlinear dynamics, neurophysiology, and acoustics on the other hand. As an associate editor of the journal Frontiers in Network Physiology, I focus on the new conceptual framework of network physiology and the coordination and network interactions between different systems as features of their physiological state and function. One of the focuses is on the influence of music on neural networks. To this end, as conference chair of the workshop "Adaptivity in nonlinear dynamical systems" at the PIK in 2022, I have been able to bring together scientists from different fields.


Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
P.O. Box 60 12 03
14412 Potsdam



Since 2021

Project leader (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research) Interdisciplinary research and teaching in the field of  „Synchronization phenomena related to Brain and Music (SynProMusic)“

Since 2021

Teaching position (University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland) Examinator/expert

Since 2015

Teaching position (Berlin University of the Arts) since 2022 Guest lecturer

2015 – 2021

Research assistant (Technical University of Berlin) Doctorate, lectures, seminars, internships

2014 – 2015

Assistant (Technical University of Berlin) Tutorials

2011 – 2015

Teaching activities at high schools


2015 – 2019

Technical University of Berlin
Interdisciplinary doctorate (summa cum laude)

2009 – 2010

Listaháskóli Íslands
ERASMUS, including studies in musicology

2006 – 2014

Humboldt University of Berlin, Berlin University of the Arts Diploma/Master's degree in physics/music (specializing in organ building, thesis: synchronization in organs)

International stays

2021 – 2023

University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland Teaching position, research


Queen Mary University of London (England) Research stay


Indian Institute Technology Indore (Indien) Research stay


Saint Petersburg State University (Russland)
Research stay, German-Russian Interdisciplinary Science Center

2009 – 2010

Listaháskóli Íslands (Island/Grönland) Studies


• Topic editor: Networked Music Perception and Production, Front. Netw. Physiol. (2023).

• Topic editor: Network Physiology and Feedback Control, Front. Netw. Physiol. (2023).

J. Sawicki, R. Berner, P. C. Ivanov and E. Schöll (Editors), Research Topic: Adaptive Networks in Functional Modeling of Physiological Systems, Front. Netw. Physiol. (2022).

J. Sawicki, Delay controlled partial synchronization in complex networks, Springer Theses, Springer, (2019).


J. Sawicki and E. Schöll, Interplay of synchronization and cortical input in models of brain networks, (2023).

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• R. Berner, J. Sawicki, T. Löser and E. Schöll, Characterizing critical parameters for the modeling of sepsis, Front. Netw. Physiol. 2:904480 (2021).

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J. Sawicki, Modelling synchronisation in the brain and in nature, Research Features (2021).

• G. Ruzzene, I. Omelchenko, J. Sawicki, A. Zakharova, E. Schöll and R. G. Andrzejak, Remote pacemaker-control of chimera states in multilayer networks of neurons, Phys. Rev. E 102, 052216 (2020).

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• P. Kalle, J. Sawicki, A. Zakharova, and E. Schöll: Chimera states and the interplay between initial conditions and non-local coupling, Chaos 27, 033110 (2017).

J. Sawicki, M. Abel, and E. Schöll: Synchronization in coupled organ pipes, in Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Physics and Control (PhysCon 2015), edited by (IPACS Electronic Library, 2015), Istanbul, Turkey.

(Inter)national conferences (selection) SIAM (USA)
Fields Institute (Canada)
Saint-Petersburg State University (Russia)
IIT Indore (India)
Patras (Greece)
PHYSCON (Turkey)
Crossroads IFISC (Spain)
DPG Acoustics (Germany)
Lectures, seminars (selection) Mathematical-physical modeling
Music theory/sound composition
Synchronization in music and musical instruments Physics of music
Control of complex systems
Applied Physics
Popular music
Tuning and tonal systems
Dynamics of neural systems
Physics of musical instruments
Data analysis and statistics
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Perception of music in the human brain
Musical acoustics
How waves turn into sound
The human body as a musical medium
Correlation measurement and syntax in music
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