In order to give investment certainty, the European Commission will propose a climate and energy policy for post 2030 around the middle of this decade. The purpose of this contract (tender no: CLIMA/2022/OP/0012) is to support the Commission in establishing a comprehensive overview of the relevant strategic issues, policy topics, and policy options for the further development of the EU ETS, with a focus on the 2030-2040 period. Due to the forward-looking element of the assignment, the study is conceptualized as an explorative study. The Project includes three main tasks: Task 1: Establish a comprehensive empirical basis through analysis of the relevant literature, interviews with external experts, and an additional workshop and through a targeted survey of stakeholders. Task 2: Organize and prioritize key policy issues in close coordination with the Commission and thoroughly analyze the impact on the EU ETS as well as the interactions between the issues. Task 3: Supplement the analytical review of key policy issues with quantitative modelling, covering both, the period until 2030 and the 2030-2040 timeframe.

PIK's main contribution will be in Task 2, which will be lead by Michael Pahle. Moreover, PIK will also contribute to Task 3 by bringing in results from quantitative modeling with the LIMES model.


Jun 26, 2023 until Sep 02, 2024

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EU - European Union

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Michael Pahle