Assessing Climate Change Risk in Europe

The core objective of ACCREU is to cover the existing knowledge gaps investigating, in a fully integrated framework, climate change impacts, mitigation, adaptation and prospects for a social and economic sustainable development. This means to identify challenges, highlight opportunities, and deliver practical solutions to policy and decision making and societal actors at the EU, EU Member State, region, and community level to accelerate a just societal transformation towards climate resilience in the short, medium, and long-term.

PIK scientists will particularly contribute to WP 2 and WP4. WP2 (“Impacts”) is dedicated to (a) updating the assessment of climate change impacts by developing and applying improved methods and models (b) Quantifying impacts and adaptation at high spatial resolution, using more recent climate information, addressing impact areas scarcely explored (c) delivering updated direct impact and adaptation cost estimates. These will contribute to build the database that will inform the distributional, fiscal, and financial analyses of WP4. WP 4 (“Adaptation”) aims to (a) develop the integrated, macroeconomic analysis of climate risk in the presence of mitigation and adaptation capable of accounting for the distributional, fiscal, and financial implications of residual damages, adaptation, and mitigation across households, sectors, and regions; (b) identify optimal, cost-effective and robust adaptation-mitigation policy combinations; (c) deliver ready-to-apply methods to integrate different levels and types of adaptation into macroeconomic models (IAMs, CGE; insurance and financial market models).


Jun 01, 2023 until Nov 30, 2026

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European Commission

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Franziska Piontek