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The module ‘Biodiversity’ of the B-EPICC project aims to provide guidelines how reforestation, forest management and conservation measures can secure biodiversity and ecosystem services of (sub-)tropical forests under future climate change scenarios. Based on simulations with the global vegetation model LPJmL-FIT, recovery of forest structure, biomass and biodiversity after reforestation and regeneration of abandoned land will be evaluated. Gained knowledge will be transferred to local stakeholders via policy briefs, workshops and online training material.

Key goals of the Biodiversity module are: - Investigate the effects of reforestation and regeneration of abandoned land on the recovery of forest structure, biomass and biodiversity; - Analyse how ecosystem services of (sub-)tropical forests, such as carbon sequestration, habitat function and local climate regulation can be preserved under future climate change; - Assess the impact of forest fragmentation on biodiversity loss and wildfire risk; - Synthesize the knowledge gained through model simulations and share it with the stakeholders in the target countries (Peru and Brazil) to enable scientifically informed decisions on forest conservation for mitigation of climate change impact.


Apr 01, 2022 until Oct 31, 2023

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Internationale Klimaschutzinitiative (IKI)