Climate risk analyses for adaptation planning in Madagascar

Climate change challenges livelihoods in many countries, with lower- and middle-income countries such as in Sub-Sahara Africa particularly affected. Adequate response to climate risks is needed at different levels and in different forms, ranging from national policy processes and planning to local implementation. Especially lower- and middle-income countries often lack comprehensive analyses projecting climate risks which can feed into cost-benefit analysis, in order to generate a profound information basis for Nationally Determined Contributions investment planning and implementation. To address this prevalent bottleneck, (1) projections of climate and weather impacts for economy and society and (2) prioritization of adaptation investments to cope with climate and weather risks e.g. via cost-benefit-analysis and rigorous impact evaluation, are needed.

The key goals of the AGRICA project are to process and analyse existing data and to collect new data on different climate and socio-economic scenarios in order to (1) assess and project climate and weather risks and (2) assess selected adaptation (investment) options in different Sub-Saharan African countries (in this case Madagascar), to further develope the scientific method for climate risks analysis based on application experiences, and to generate lessons learnt, best practices and quality criteria for the application of the climate risk analysis method.


Dec 01, 2021 until Jun 30, 2025

Funding Agency

GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit


Lisa Murken

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