Support of the AGRICA-project in Sub-Saharan Africa by implementing additional measures

Many countries recognize enhancing adaptation and increasing resilience as an important component of their responses to climate change, but little guidance on how to operationalize adaptation goals embedded in Sustainable Development (SD) planning exists. The goal of the Agrica_21 project is to contribute to the development of comprehensive climate risk analyses to guide policy- and decision makers in the most vulnerable countries of the Sahel that are increasingly exposed to increasing climate hazards and to accelerate public and private investments for a climate-proof development. Within the project adaptation measures are identified and evaluated in a participatory process combining model-based and empirical analyses. Complementary to the ongoing Agrica_Sahel project, within Agrica_21 it is planned to advance the analytical framework of the climate risk analyses to address additional topics relevant to the target countries and to further refine the study methodology. Further, collaboration with local and regional research institutes will be further strengthened to enhance data collection, exchange and analysis.

The overall project goal is to foster effective knowledge co-production with partners from the Agrica partner countries and to advance the analytical framework.

PIK implements all project components, with additional subcontracts to local research partners foreseen.


Oct 01, 2021 until Aug 31, 2023

Funding Agency

GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit


Lisa Murken

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