Water and Climate Mitigation

The objective is to identify some potential key roles of freshwater in climate change mitigation activities, by conducting global-scale LPJmL simulations centred on synergies of freshwater use for bioenergy production, agriculture and industrial/domestic purposes. The results contribute to a report on Freshwater and Climate Mitigation developed by SIWI, SRC, PIK and UNDP-WGF. Specifically, the project identifies research gaps in the report that can be addressed by targeted LPJmL simulations and other global datasets, perform LPJmL simulations to assess freshwater requirements and impacts for bioenergy production under different strategies to meet climate mitigation targets, contextualise these with other water uses and the planetary boundaries, and provide a written summary of the findings for the report.


Mar 01, 2021 until Jul 15, 2021

Funding Agency

GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH


Dieter Gerten