Extreme climate impacts interacting across sectors

EXIMO is a subproject of the Module C consortium focused on climate change and extreme events. There is great uncertainty not only with regard to changes in extreme climate and weather conditions per se, but also with how extreme effects taking place simultaneously interact in different sectors and, eventually, reinforce one another. EXIMO will focus on the relationships between climate and weather extremes and their extreme effects, which may pose a significant risk to social resilience to climate change. The research work in EXIMO will be closely coordinated with the module C consortium and in particular the sub-project CROP. EXIMO aims to clarify the importance of interactions between different areas of climate impact research in the context of climate and weather extremes, since the mostly separately considered components of the land biosphere and the water balance actually interact. For example, agricultural water withdrawals are particularly important for maintaining agricultural production and resilience, especially in periods of drought, but at the same time water availability may be particularly low, so that extreme situations can arise due to the interaction. The aim is to identify such events and their meteorological framework conditions, to quantify the interactions using existing data sets for simulated and observed extreme events as well as targeted new simulations and to improve process understanding


Mar 01, 2020 until Sep 30, 2023

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Christoph Müller, Dieter Gerten