Climate pOlicy assessment and Mitigation Modeling to Integrate national and global Transition pathways

Modelling of national greenhouse-gas emission mitigation policies and the relationship with global low emission pathways

Improved modelling of national low-carbon emission pathways: improving the quality of modelling tools developed by nationally-focused teams in both emerging and industrialized countries, in order to enhance their collective ability to provide input into international climate negotiations regarding the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and/or directly support the development of countries’ mid-century, long-term low greenhouse gas emission development strategies. For this, active exchange of knowledge between modelling teams (global <=> national; and national <=> national) will be a central component of the project, particularly for emerging and developing country partners. Improved analysis of country contributions to the global ambition of the Paris Agreement: improving in general the knowledge of how action in economies representing a large share of global emissions, such as those included in the G20, relates to ambitious global targets set by the Paris Agreement. For this, we will look into the potential for, and progress in, global climate change mitigation and low greenhouse emission development pathways, with global models incorporating insights from the national modelling teams.


Dec 22, 2017 until Dec 21, 2020

Funding Agency

European Commission, Europeaid


Elmar Kriegler