Adding Simulations of new Crops to the ISIMIP archive

The Adding Simulations of new Crops to the Isimip archive (ASCI) project aims to extend the limited availability of agricultural climate impact simulations for 2nd tier crops. In collaboration with UNILEVER, PIK will work on an implementation of tea and oil palm in the dynamic global vegetation, hydrology and crop growth model LPJmL5, evaluate the performance and run simulations according to the ISIMIP fasttrack protocol for these crops. First, the project will focus on the implementation and evaluation of tea cultivation and provide global climate change impact projections for tea productivity. Upon successful completion of the project’s first phase, the project will continue with the implementation of oil palm plantations in the model to simulate climate change impact simulations for global oil palm productivity. If both tea plant and oil palm experiments can be successfully completed during the project, similar simulations will be performed for tomato cultivation.

Enhancement of the LPJmL model to simulate global production areas for the researched crops.


May 01, 2018 until Jun 30, 2019

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Christoph Müller