Climate Risks for Asset Managers

The Climate Risks for Asset Managers (CRAMs) project will develop a global assessment on the economic impacts of climate change on corporate activities, tailored specifically towards the needs of investors in managing climate change risks within investment portfolios. The Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research (PIK) and Carbon Delta will translate major climate policy and physical climate impact risks into sector and company overarching monetary risk assessments. Therefore, we will apply and improve existing climate data sets, damage, growth and cost functions, and CO2 pricing models into comprehensive financial risk assessments, building on the lessons learned from this team’s pathfinder project, titled Climate & Economy. In order to get a broad overview of the global financial sector, we have assembled a highly distinguished Expert Advisory Team, which is representative of pension fund managers, insurance companies, private banks and sustainable asset managers investing globally. The Assets Under Manage (AuM) of our Advisory Team is approximately $1.5 trillion USD (almost 3% of the global market capitalization).

Provision of state-of-the art climate policy and climate impact data sets relevant for the worldwide economy. Application, development and evaluation of cost, damage and growth functions to monetize climate risks. - 50 climate risk assessments - advisory team feedback report template - climate modelling report - financial report - stage 2 plan - satisfaction surveys - final report - report on marketing and events - data licence agreement


Mar 01, 2017 until Jun 30, 2019

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Jürgen Kropp / Thomas Nocke