Jahrringanalysen auf dem Telegrafenberg (Potsdam) - Nutzung dendrochronologischer Daten Deutschlands zur modellbasierten Analyse der Wirkung von Klimaänderungen auf Waldökosysteme

The aim of the project DENDROKLIMA is to analyze the adaptability of the tree species scots pine and sessile oak to changing environmental conditions, and thus to analyze the effects of climate change on tree growth. For this purpose, a variety of dendrochronological data (isotopic signatures of carbon and oxygen, wood anatomical features, ring widths) and data from intensive forest monitorings (Level II plots) will be evaluated and physiological relationships between climate and growth deduced.

PIK will analyse istotope signals to improve the NPP module in the model 4C and compare simulations of tree growth with a statistical model.


Sep 01, 2016 until Aug 31, 2019

Funding Agency

BLE Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung

Funding Call

Förderrichtlinie Waldklimafonds, Förderschwerpunkt 2.4


Martin Gutsch