PalMod 2.1

PalMod 2.1 Der marine Kohlenstoffkreislauf Teilprojekt 7 Transiente glaziale Simulationen mithilfe des Modells CLIMBER-2 mit einem verbesserten 3-D-Ozean-Kohlenstoffkreislauf

This project aims at a more detailed understanding of the marine carbon cycle during glacial-interglacial changes. The ultimate goal is to explain the marine contributions to the observed glacial low atmospheric CO2 of about 190 ppmv measured in ice cores and its rise over time towards its pre-industrial value of 278 ppmv and to understand its forcing of and feedback to natural climate change during the last deglaciation.

The main task of the PostDoc is to implement existing marine carbon cycle components into the new CLIMBER-2 version with the 3-D ocean and update the model by including additional processes and tracers, such as Fe and Si concentrations and hypothesis on some new processes. Further major improvements of CLIMBER (performed in PalMod WP 2.2) will include the addition of permafrost and peat pools in terrestrial carbon cycle. The PostDoc is intended to spend 50% of his/her time on PalMOd 2.1 (marine carbon cycle) and 50% on PalMod 2.2 (terrestrial carbon cycle).


Sep 01, 2015 until Aug 31, 2019

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Nationale Paläoklimamodellierungsinitiative PalMod


Andrey Ganopolski

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