Kritische Infrastruktur, Bevölkerung und Bevölkerungsschutz im Kontext Klimawandelbeeinflusster Extremwetterereignisse

Infrastructure and population are most affected by climate extremes. In so far it is the aim of the project to describe systematically how infrastructure and population might be affected and which components of the social and physical system part have to be considered for a risk assessment.

Assessment of vulnerabilities of different social groups and Critical Infrastructures to climate change related extreme weather events, particularly heat waves, droughts and flash floods; Development of different assessment methods including criteria and indicators to assess the exposure, susceptibility and adaptive capacities of these systems and components of risk; Identification of interdependencies of Critical Infrastructures (esp. water supply, electricity supply and transportation); Discussion of the resulting conditions and challenges for civil protection; Development of specific and applicable adaptation strategies; Exchange of information and experiences with local stakeholders



Oct 01, 2009 until Dec 31, 2012

Funding Agency

BBK Bundesamt für Bevölkerungsschutz und Katastrophenhilfe


Jürgen Kropp