Klima und Energie in einem komplexen Transformationsprozess zur Nachhaltigkeit in Hyderabad: Nachhaltige Anpassung an und Mitigation des Klimawandels mit Blick auf Lebensstile und Konsummuster

Expected Climate Change is an important factor to be considered in the complex transition process towards a "sustainable Hyderabad". It may alter significantly the present natural situation which can therefore no longer be taken as constant boundary condition for the assessment of development options.


PIK will contribute mainly to the following two workpackages: WP1: Potential Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Measures in Hyderabad WP2: Knowledge and Concepts on Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies towards Sustainability Transition in Lifestyles, Consumption and Health


Jul 01, 2008 until Jun 30, 2013

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Matthias Lüdeke