Sustainable water and agricultural land use in the Guanting watershed under limited water resources / Nachhaltige Wasser- und Landnutzung im Guanting Einzugsgebiet unter begrenzten Wasserressourcen

A Sino-German consortium with four German and four Chinese partners was formed in the mid of 2009 to develop a master plan to achieve sufficient water availability and quality in the Guanting river basin. Guiding principle of the Guanting project is to ensure sustainable use of water and land resources in the catchment area of the Guanting reservoir, taking into account the climatic, ecological and economic conditions.

The general goal of the project is to develop a River Basin Management Plan (RBMP) that aims at establishing sustainable water and land use management in the region and combines a comprehensive characterization of the current state, gap analysis, identification of pressures and impacts and a programme of measures for achieving sufficient water availability and quality in the catchment area.

coordination of the project, scenario development for regional climate, water discharge, and socio-economy Scenario Analysis and Measure Planning


Jun 01, 2009 until May 31, 2012

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Frank Wechsung