Pressures on agriculture from increased bioenergy demand

The relationship between climate and development has been at the heart of international concerns since the first United Nations Conference on Environment. The impacts of climate change, such as lower yields in warmer regions, soil degradation and erosion, insect infestations, the instability of water cycles (CCAFS, 2012) affect the conditions for achieving food security. Faced with these challenges, research in agro-ecology is increasingly focussing on agro-forestry systems in tropical areas. Such systems can protect biodiversity resources and mitigate the consequences of global warming on food production by slowing evapotranspiration cycles. Nevertheless, the spatial realities and productive agro-forestry systems vary depending on development and demographic pressure (food demand, biomass energy, timber) and the ability to innovate (Robiglio et al. 2011). In a context of exponential growth of food demand and climate variability, what is the impact of climate change on the orientations of innovation aimed at increasing the contribution of agroforestry systems to achieve food security?

Financial Analysis Tool for Smallholder Carbon Sequestration Projects


Dec 15, 2011 until Apr 30, 2013

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International Centre for Research in Agroforestry

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CGIAR Challenge Program on Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS)


Hermann Lotze-Campen